It is with great pride that VCA honors one of our own for his bravery and dedication to our country. Randy Decker is a caring father of three, a loving husband and for the past 10 years a valued member of the VCA family. Being a member of the Marine Reserves, he was called to active duty in early March.

Randy is currently stationed at Al Asad Airfield, the second largest base in Iraq, which is located in northern Iraq. It is approximately 180 kilometers west of Baghdad and 12 kilometers southwest of the Euphrates River. Randy’s days are long, working 7 days a week, 5 AM to 7 PM. There, he is in charge of supplying and managing deliveries of materials for projects, such as loading sand for cement or pipes for plumbing. All of the projects are “outside the wire,” as he calls it, where he deals with the Iraqis on a daily basis and must wear his armor and carry his gun at all times.

Randy is a protector of our land, our freedoms and our families. For this we thank him and we honor him. He is in our thoughts and our prayers and we hope that he returns to us safe and soon

Randall Decker
UNIT 25565
FPO AP 96601-1713