Travis Smith, Senior Vice President, ESS

DENVER – VCA Consultants, Inc., a leader in structural engineering, municipal and sustainability consulting services announces a merger with Enayat Schneider Smith Engineering, Inc. (ESS). Based in Denver, ESS is a leading provider of structural engineering services to top-tier architect and developer clients.

ESS was founded by Wahid Enayat in 2000 and has earned an outstanding reputation as a full service structural engineering firm. ESS specializes in mixed-use, mid-rise complex structures of all materials, including a specialty of post-tension concrete towers of at least 15 stories.

With the addition of ESS, VCA expands its operations to the Rocky Mountain region, allowing ESS to provide green consulting services. VCA has 170 employees with offices in Orange (Ca), Oakland, Chicago, Honolulu and now Denver. VCA operates as a portfolio company of Connecticut based private investment firm G. Scott Capital Partners.

“We are very proud of our partnership with ESS. It positions us to bring out the best for everyone involved, especially our clients,” said Tom VanDorpe, CEO of VCA. Travis Smith, senior vice president at ESS, stated, “We are excited to combine forces to create a more powerful structural engineering firm. VCA is committed to excellence, which matches our business philosophy.”